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  • Hot Tapping
  • Gate Valve Drilling
  • Diamond Wire Saws
  • Field Machining/Cold Cutting
  • Torque/Pressure Testing

40+ years of experience

Mission Statement

To contribute an  affordable quality service to the oil and gas industry, while maintaining  a level of pride and integrity that is expected from a service provider.  Meanwhile keeping Heath, Safety, and the Environment in the forefront of production.   

Drilling a 2-1/16" 5m for a client, with our Gate Valve Drilling Unit. Call DWIFT For a quote today.

DWIFT Technologies line of Special Services supports operations involving:

  • Well intervention 
  • Gate Valve Drilling - The gate valve drilling tool is used to drill an opening in a gate that has become inoperable, locked in the closed or partially closed position    
  • Hot Tapping solutions - To give controlled access to possible trapped pressure or just access for pumping.  
  • Cold cutting Services/Pipe cutting - Cutting casing or pipe of any size without creating heat or sparks. Finished cuts can be made with Bevel with Machined finish.
  • Wedding Cake Operation - Using Split frame cutters, Rail mills, and Roto-mill attachments we can prep your wells for well heads and then Pressure test the well head as well.
  • Slot Recovery    
  • Diamond wire operations       
  • Torque and Tensioning services,  Nipple up/down    
  • Pressure Testing

Hours of Operations

 DWIFT Technologies provides 24 hour support to accommodate customers and clients with adequate and consistent support.  

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